Benefits of working with a State of California Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise:

Veterans First Advantage – The Veteran-specific contracting authority, implemented under the Public Law 109-461, changed the Veteran Administration’s order of priority in favor of DVBEs in 2007. As per this legislation, not only do DVBEs get top priority, they also get competitive set-asides, better sub-contracting programs, and sole sourcing up to $5 million per contract.

Bidding Advantage – California voters in 1996 passed a proposition eliminating any kind of preferential contracting incentives based on sex, race, ethnicity, color or national origin. The only kind of bid advantage is now given to DVBE groups.

Set Aside Advantage – All Federal and State agencies must set aside 3% of their annual contract awards to DVBEs. With more than 12 million annual contract awards, this means a business of about $7.5 billion.

Timely Payment Advantage – Large business vendors of California agencies are not always prompt with payments, but a DVBE gets the advantage of the California’s Prompt Payment Act. Under this act, all state agencies need to pay DVBEs within a time frame of 45 days of the receipt of invoice. By partnering with a DVBE, you can be assured of prompt payment.

454110 Electronic Shopping, Web Retailer
455219 All Other General Merchandise Retailers
458110 Clothing and Clothing Accessories Retailer
712120 Historical Ship
561920 Event and Meeting Planning Services
561599 All Other Travel Arrangement and Reservation Services
541511 Web (internet) Page Design Services, Custom
541430 Graphic Design Services
Corporate ID (logo) Design Services
80141700 Retail Distribution Service
90151502 Historical Site
80161502 Meeting Planning Services
90121500 Travel Facilitation
81112103 World Wide Web WWW Site Design Services
82141505 Graphic Design
7299 Miscellaneous Personal Services, Not Elsewhere Mentioned
7389 Business Services, Not Elsewhere Mentioned
8999 Services, Not Elsewhere Mentioned
Veteran Crisis Line